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Is Recycling Worth the Effort?

Nowadays, it's not uncommon to be told that we all should play our part in preserving the earth by recycling. Must we truly go to all of that effort? Think about the fact that a single plastic shopping bag can take about 1,000 years to completely decay.

A thousand years is a long time for only one plastic bag. Think about the number of shopping bags you go through yearly, not only shopping bags but bin liners too. When you multiply that amount by the number of people living in our country, it's a huge number. We can decide to use it again it by recycling and stop it from sitting in a landfill decomposing for years. Numerous things can be recycled such as shopping bags being used to make clothing and old tires being used in building children's playgrounds. Almost anything can be recycled.

Fifteen years ago, the town of Lemoore, California began a really tough recycling program. Town residents had to follow the recycling rules otherwise they faced fines. Most people decided to abide by the rules and the town profited immensely from recycling. They were able to construct a new playground as well as construct a water park.

Recycling likewise helped to fund basic municipal necessities, such as a police department, a fire station and funding for children going to pre-school. Hence, not only does recycling help to reuse waste products, it can also earn cash for other things.

You may believe that you're merely one person in this big world, so you're not going to make a huge impact by yourself, but imagine if everybody made a modest effort towards recycling! Land fill sites would be a great deal smaller, meaning they are cheaper to manage as well as not leaving an awful scar on the surrounding landscape. Keep in mind that money can be made for impoverished residential areas from recycling and the environment will benefit as well! We all come out a winner.

Think about the plight of animals even if you're not actually into recycling. Troubles in our environment such as global warming are not only destroying the planet but harming wildlife too. You can help to preserve the environment and leave a healthy planet for your kids by doing some recycling.

Consider how long each thing you discard takes to decay. You may recall that a plastic bag does not decay until nearly 1000 years after. Items like disposable diapers and milk bottles can take centuries to totally decay while glass and styrofoam may never totally break down. As all of these items can be recycled, why should we throw them away?

Apparently, there are a number of things we can't recycle now, but with the technology becoming even more advanced we might find new ways of recycling and new uses of different materials. In the interim, there is no excuse for not recycling things including plastics, metals and glass. Recycling these things is reasonably convenient in several communities and is not costly, so it's a great idea to help the environment. With each person doing their part, we can all make an impact.

Alternate Energy May Be Smart Move for Homeowners

Are you searching for ways to turn your extra money into profit? A wise investment to seriously consider is alternative energy. It is expected that green energy production will be in the billion dollar range by the year 2013. Wind produced energy has become very economical due to better technology and increasing widespread use. The result is wind power products have become competitive with other traditional types of energy sources. Not even birds are getting killed anymore using the innovative wind-powered technology.

Your investment dollars may be spent in many other worse places than in businesses that are engaged in wind energy production. One other alternative energy resource you may invest in is photovoltaic cell technology. You wil lbe able to find these in private property lights, hand calculators, buoys used by the US Coast Guard, and a lot of other places. They are being used on more and more roofs of commercial buildings, as well as housing developments and building complexes. As the cost to use these solar cells continue to go down, the energy efficiency continues to increase. This is computed by the amount of work to make energy against the amount of energy created.

Alternate Energy
Alternate Energy

Back in 1982, the silicon cells' conversion efficiency was four percent, and with the up-to-date technology, it is above 20 percent. When creating electric power, solar cells do not emit any pollution, but presently they are not cost-effective with regular electricity. These cells, because of space constraints, can't create industrial-production amounts of electricity. But as areas are converted to implement these photovoltaic cells, the price and efficiency will continue to improve. As the research and development of alternative energy grow, advisors who manage investments are encouraging people to invest in it. Visit this webpage to read more.

New forms of eco-friendly energy are originating from tidal movement, currents, and differences in temperature. Hydro power generation is advancing with the French, and being studied by scientists in Scotland and America. Salt water has been a problem previously with metal deterioration, but that has been made better by making use of better materials. Marine growth and severe storms have resulted in problems as well. But leveraging the ocean for energy has an advantage since we know that waves and currents are very predictable and are consistent.

Investments in hydro-electric technology have grown a good deal over the past few decades. It is very clean power, but hydro-electric power is apparently restricted by geography. Large, older dams, while already important as energy generators, have had problems with marine life disturbance. There has been much effort done to protect the marine life but it's been expected. As a result of this, low-impact hydro-power plants with no ecological problems, have been given more attention. Bottom line, putting your money in green, alternative energy is the way to go.

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